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The mission of The Truth Told Project is to give voice to women and girls in current and post conflict areas around the world. The project engages a broad base of support through education and serves as a tool for change through art. Each project offers viewers a chance to partner with an under funded community-based grassroots organization working to create lasting change in their country.

The current project is The Truth Told Democratic Republic of Congo. The project is currently seeking $10,000 in funding to complete the Democratic Republic of Congo project. Funding invested in The Truth Told Project is needed to complete the gallery portion of the show, edit video, run the details of the project, and project distribution. Please visit our “Project Goals” tab for more details. The Truth Told Project is a project of Blue Earth Alliance. All tax deductable donations are handled by the projects fiscal sponsor Blue Earth Alliance.

  • Questions about making a tax-deductible donation to the project?
  • Please email Bart J. Cannon at bart@blueearth.org.

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COPERMA works with girls and women who are survivors of sexual violence and the communities that support them. They work North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With no consistent funding stream, COPERMA is run entirely by Congolese activists who understand the culture and have lived the complexities of the conflict. COPERMA has no religious affiliation, but the local Catholic Crosier community has generously offered to handle tax-deductible donations for COPERMA.

*100% of the proceeds are given directly to COPERMA.

All funds go towards aiding survivors, their family, and the communities that are helping them.

  • Sample Donations
  • *$30 USD will help a survivor start a self-sufficient business
  • *$35 USD will provide COPERMA transportation into rural villages that need aid.
  • *$40 USD will cover school supplies for a girl mother for one year
  • *$50 USD will provide medical services for a rape survivor
  • *$90 USD will cover school fees/supplies for a child for one year
  • *$100 USD or more will help construct school and therapy centers for survivors and their families.

If you have questions please contact COPERMA partner, Amy Ernst at amy.ernst114@gmail.com.