Fully Automated Action Steps!

As an Individual

As a Consumer

As a Community

Use the toolkits below to pass a resolution to make your school, workplace, campus, civic, religious group, or your community conflict free!

2. Immediately issue a strong public statement in opposition of the lawsuit being brought against the SEC by The Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association of America.

  • 3. Create and publicly state a policy that acknowledges the problem of conflict minerals and communicate what the company is doing to eradicate them from its supply chain. Click here for sample statement
  • 4. Join Responsible Sourcing Networks (RSN) Monthly Multi-stakeholder Conference Call Hosted by RSN- Email to Karen@sourcingnetwork.org
  • 5. Join multi-industry efforts to ensure minerals are being sourced from responsible sources and implement internal practices to ensure all of the raw materials in it.s supply chain are responsibly sourced - RSN.
  • 6. Participate in multi-stakeholder efforts to encourage stronger diplomatic solutions for the Great Lakes region to end the violence and empower local communities through economic development and capacity building - RSN.

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