One girl or woman is raped every minute in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As Rwanda, Uganda, other African countries, Congolese soldiers, and foreign mercenaries fight for resources, our technology consumption helps fuel the conflict in the DRC. The worst part is that it could be prevented.

The war in the DRC is being fought for you and me - consumers of technology. Rape is used by rebel and military groups as a scare tactic to control and destroy local communities. Girls and women have in essence become disposable in the war for minerals.

I traveled to the war-torn, mineral-rich region of North Kivu to better understand what is happening there. From an outside perspective, the violence appeared to be indiscriminate. After a few weeks, I learned it is targeted and predictable. Millions of girls and women have been raped. Two to three more will be raped as you read this.

For 50 days, I worked alongside COPERMA and humanitarian/writer Amy Ernst to collect testimonies and conduct interviews with girls and women in rural villages and the bush of N. Kivu - recent survivors of rape.

The Truth Told was formed to help these girls and women tell their stories. Many of them live in isolated villages in the bush. With no immediate way to protect themselves and a dysfunctional "justice system" survivors are left alone and afraid they will be attacked again.

They are everyday girls and women, like your friends at school, your coworkers, and neighbors. They have the same hopes and dreams for their future and their lives as you and me.

The most shocking thing I found: rape - of girls, young women, mothers, and grandmothers - has moved from “rape as a tool of war” to “rape as a way of life” in the DRC. The rape culture of war has seeped into the general population. Attackers are raping with impunity.

My vision is that The Truth Told Project will serve as a catalyst for change, offering survivors a chance at justice by enabling them to share their story with the world and making the human connection needed to garner the support of the international community. To learn more please watch my recent TEDx talk - Unreasonable Activism a Journey into the Heart of the Democratic Repbulic of Congo.

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  • Sarah Fretwell
  • The Truth Told Project